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Security - Fake Phishing Site


Here is an example of a "phishing e-mail" with fake links:

To: John Schmidt (jschmidt@forezthought.com)
From: Bank of Kalamazoo (updates@Bank0fKalamazoo.com)
Subject: Important message regarding your account

Dear John,

We are in the process of updating our records. It has come to our attention that you have not updated your records in some time.
Please click here to update your contact information

If you do not wish to update your records online at this time, go here to view the contact information we have for you currently.
Please click here to view (not update) your contact information

Please click here to e-mail us with questions. Be sure to include your account number or Social Security Number in your e-mail.

We sincerely appreciate your business.

Bank of Kalamazoo

(Voice) +1 864-555-3864
(Fax) +1 864-555-3685
(E-Mail) updates@Bank0fKalamazoo.com
(Internet) www.Bank0fKalamazoo.com

15892 Columbus Drive
Simpleton, Florida 38762



These links will take you to a new page. The e-mail links will open your e-mail program to send an e-mail (DO NOT actually send one). They look valid enough . If you received an e-mail from your bank would you click on the link?

Click here to see what would have happened if you had clicked the web links or e-mail link.

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