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This section sets out the policies of Jacobson Technologies (JT) regarding the protection of the rights of persons to privacy. Its purpose is to explain to contacts and all others who deal with JT what types of personal information JT collects and how that information is used.
This policy reflects no commitment by, nor is it binding upon any party or parties other than JT.
JT collects certain personal information about it's visitors.
JT collects identifiable personal data as well as non-identifiable personal information. Items of identifiable personal information, such as names and contact details, are collected and used as a matter of course in JT ’s daily work. Often a person’s identifiable personal information includes the person's likes and dislikes with respect to preferences, questionaire's, or polls conducted by JT.

Collection of Personal Data

JT collects personal data about visitors. Visitors include those people or entities who access any part of the JT web site. This information is collected when a person visits the JT web site, configure preferences, answers questionaires or polls on the web site, or provide information to JT staff in writing, by e-mail, fax, telephone, in person, or by any other means.

Use of Personal Data

JT uses personal information to ensure effective communications with visitors.
In its capacity as the host of the JT web site, JT may provide personal information about visitors to third parties, where the third party needs to use this information to communicate directly with the visitor. JT may also use a visitor's personal information in order to contact the visitor.


JT respects the privacy of the individual and undertakes to protect the confidentiality of personal information about contacts that is supplied in the course of business relationships with JT. JT undertakes to use personal information solely for the purposes described above, and will not otherwise, unless legally obliged to do so, provide personal information to third parties. Before disclosing personal information, visitors should understand that information on the Internet is subject to prying eyes. Visitors disclose personal information at their own risk.

Reservation of Rights

JT reserves the right to disclose personal information in its possession where it is required to do so by law or to exercise its legal rights or to defend itself against legal claims.
JT reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time.